Meet the MIPA Board

If you have any questions about MIPA, activities, events, or programs, please don't hesitate to contact us at mipa@mipreschoolassociation.orgInterested in open board positions? Contact us!


the 2022-2023 Executive board

Executive Committee

President: Rachel Blum

Vice-President: Lesley Malakoti


Sr. Membership Chair: Allison Kawano

Jr. Membership Chair: Shannon Smith


Sr. Treasurer: Stephanie Castle

Jr. Treasurer: Kaylee Prior


Sr. Secretary: Helen Weyant 

Jr. Secretary: Emily Yu


Non-Executive Board Chairs

Sr. Communications Chair: Jaimie Birtel

Jr. Communications Chair: Hayley Galver


Sr. Events Chair: Laura Schultnik


Social Co-Chair: Katie Bell

Social Co-Chair: Ashley Mouldon


Sr. Development Chair: Loan Anle

Jr. Development Chair: Lindsey Wellmon


Co-Advocacy Chair: Julie Day 

Co-Advocacy Chair: Fan Yuan


Preschools Co-Chair: Ritu Sarin

Preschools Co-Chair: Destiny Chirls


Thank you to these members who have volunteered to serve next year!



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