MIPA is proud to be the first, only, and model PTA of preschool parents in Washington State. As a Washington State PTA, we join 140,000 PTA parents as a very strong advocate for children and families. Its motto speaks volumes: Every child. One voice.


MIPA Advocacy Efforts Support Island Children and Families

For more than 75 years, MIPA has represented the needs of young families on Mercer Island through its advocacy efforts. Through the Washington State PTA, MIPA serves as a voice of preschools and families of preschool-aged children on Mercer Island. As part of the Mercer Island Legislative Team – a cross-island group of PTA representatives – we are responsible for influencing the greater education priorities statewide. Equally important is MIPA’s community advocacy efforts.  MIPA advocates identify needs in the community, work with community partners, and fundraise to make solutions happen.  That’s empowering!


MIPA Advocacy Team Programs:

  • Parks & Playgrounds: MIPA works with the City of Mercer Island, Friends of Luther Burbank Park, and other community groups to ensure safe and fun parks and fulfilling programs for preschool-aged children. Parks projects have included new play structures at Deane’s Children’s Park (Dragon Park), Mercerdale Park (Train Park), and Luther Burbank Park.  We have also provided support to the Indoor Playground at the Mercer Island Community Center, Funmobile, Adventure Playground, and more.
  • Emergency Preparedness: MIPA coordinates with the City of Mercer Island’s Emergency Preparedness Program to ensure that preschools and childcare organizations have current emergency plans and supplies to shelter children for up to seven days. Learn more.
  • Legislative Assembly: MIPA sends delegates to this annual meeting of PTA representatives from across the state where delegates vote to decide the top five issues the PTA will push in the coming legislative session.

What have MIPA’s advocacy efforts accomplished?

  • Nursery School – MIPA launched the Island’s first nursery school in 1942 – two years before the first kindergarten began on Mercer Island.
  • Kindergarten – MIPA helped fund the Island’s first kindergartens along with associated supplies.  MIPA also advocated and raised funding for teacher training.
  • Elementary School – MIPA advocated for the offering of world-language classes – first for preschoolers and then for students at the elementary schools.
  • Library – MIPA helped select the property location and raised funding for the building of the library.
  • Enrichment Activities –MIPA contracted teachers to offer drama, art, babysitting, and safety classes to Mercer Island families. Most of these classes are now standard offerings by the Mercer Island Parks & Recreation Department.
  • State PTA and Education – Legislative Representatives work with other PTAs on Mercer Island as well as across the state on issues varying from junk food in schools, allergies, kindergarten class size, and special needs.
  • Indoor Play Space – MIPA worked with the Mercer Island Boys & Girls Club and the Mercer Island Community Center to establish ongoing sessions for drop-in play during the rainy months.

As a MIPA member, you can make a difference for children in our community.

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