Exceptional Educator Award


MIPA is honored to recognize a teacher, director, assistant, or administrator who has made exceptional  contributions to our preschool community through their dedication to early childhood education. We  welcome nominations from parents, peers, colleagues, directors, and past students.  



Past Winners:

2021 Winner - Beth Christofferson of Pixie Hill Preschool

2020 Winner -  Aui Patta of the Creative Learning Center Montessori

2019 Winner - Elaine Soeun of the Stroum Jewish Community Center’s Early Childhood School

2018 Winner – Michele Saunders of Sunnybeam School

2017 Winner – Kathy Morey of Creative Learning Center

2016 Winner – Laura Selby of Stroum Jewish Community Center

2015 Winner – Jen Headrick of Pixie Hill Preschool

2014 Winner – Talina Birashk of St. Monica’s Parish School

2013 Winner – Alex Cruz of Patti’s Play Center

2012 Winner – David Weston of Sunnybeam School

2011 Winner – Lynn Ahringer of Early World Montessori

2010 Winner – Molly van der Burch of Pebble Preschool

2009 Winner – Lisa Given of Lisa’s Little School

2008 Winner – Rita Macomber of Emmanuel Day School

2007 Winner – Mary Ann Haney of Sunnybeam School

2006 Winner – Ann Connolly of Pixie Hill Preschool

2005 Winner – Judy Witmer of Mercer Island Learning Lab

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